Quote 4- michael

“I am reminded that the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. Avery’s dedication and clear vision of purpose inspires me every day.” 

 - Michael Jackson, Jr.,
Company Member, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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Quote 5- Adren

“I have watched Avery’s dream to heal and transform communities, at the intersection of the arts and social justice, come true. He teaches us all that we must never give up – that no matter how daunting the challenge, we must always answer our calling. We must always fight for our communities.”  

– Dr. Adren O. Wilson,
National CEO, Public Allies, Inc.

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Quote 3- LaTangela

“He’s extraordinary in so many ways. He has style, talent, personality, and character. Avery treats people with so much respect, and you can feel his love through the aura of his presence. It’s not that I’m biased because I love him; it’s simply that I love him all because of who he is.”   

– LaTangela Fay Sherman,  Production Director, Cumulus Media
Singer/Songwriter/On-Air Personality

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Quote 6- Nina

“Avery D. Wilson is a consummate student-teacher of pageantry. Not many people in life are blessed with so many special gifts and talents. God gave him an innate ability to not only be a jack of all trades, but also – a Master!  It’s difficult to find the words to described the awe I feel when watching him in his element. The best I can do is call it – brilliance personified!” 

– Nina Johnson,
Mrs. North Carolina America 2016

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Quote 7 - Linda

“We miss him.  There was just something he brought to the room that made our kids want to rise up to be their absolute best.  We miss that.” 

– Linda Schexnaydre, Owner/Director
Center Stage Performing Arts Academy

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Quote 1- James

"Avery is a phenomenon of artist creativity. But he doesn’t just give you his talents; he allows those talents to touch your soul. And then you’re changed for the better!”

- James Smith, Head Coach
Southern University Cheerleaders

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Quote 8 - Catherine

“I’m thankful that Avery often offers a perspective that I had not considered before.  I feel like people are going to be paying him to do this soon.”

– Catherine Alford, 
Business Operations Manager
Worldwide Spirit Association

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